Well Cap

Well Cap for Monitoring Well.

Please make sure the size of internal diameter.

PicsItem #Name
1G**-012Well Cap:PVC, Threaded
2G**-013Well Cap:PVC, Threaded, w/chain
3G**-014Well Cap:PVC

Internal Pipe Cutter

Internal pipe cutter allows you to cut the PVC pipe from inside.

Cutter rotates inside the pipe and no residuals left.

Item #Pipe IDCutting Length(mm)
ICP-5040-50 mm30〜100
ICP-10065-100 mm40〜120

(*)Please make sure you have enough space to rotate handle.

Well Cover

Made out of stainless steel. Cover only, cover with cap or with chain.

Item #Name
B-003Well Cover,rounded, cap w/chain
B-011Well Cover,rounded
B-014Well Cover,rounded, w/PVC cap
B-015Well Cover,rounded, w/SS cap

Well Cover (galvanized)

Galvanized well cover. ''Monitoring Well'' logo attached.

Item #Name
B-007Well Cover, Galvanized, w/ lock key
B-009Well Cover, Galvanized w/o lock key
B-010Well Cover, Galvanized, reinforced 20t
B-008Well Cover (B-007,B-009 and B-010s)

One-Touch Cap

Made out of PVC. Easy to handle.

Item #Name
B-022One-Touch Cap (125 mm)


This centralizer helps PVC pipes centralize inside borehole.

Flexible spring function can be adjusted up to 80-150mm.

50 mm\3,000-
65 mm\3,500-
100 mm\4,000-
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Monitoring Well Store Box

Made out of stainless steel attached with lock key.

Variety of box size available. Please contact us.

Manually-Operated Pump (Small)

Small sampling pump operated by hand.

Sampling water can be lifted by one above the other with hands.

It can be used with 25 mm Pipe.

Outside Diameter1.8cm

Manually-Operated Pump (Large)

Manually operated pump large size available now!

Suction hose or garden hose(ID 25.4mm OD 31.0mm) can be purchased at your local home centers.


Manually-Operated Pump Assembly (20m)

Water can be lifted with handle.

  1. Max. lifting range is about 20m.
  2. No electrical problem concerned.
  3. It can serve as a low-flow pump.
  4. It can be functioned as air lifting.
  5. It can be inserted into 50 mm and over.

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