Our PVC pipe has no artificial color and no lead used in the extrusion molding process. You don't need to worry about eluting lead out of PVC pipe. Easy to recycle and it can be used as a green product. We have a variety of size available. Please contact us to find out more details.

Patented Product

Idoya holds the patent right effective in March, 2010.


Bottom Cap is now made of Polyethylene (PE) since December 2004.

Idoya is now in transition to shifting pipe materials from PVC to PE for superior heat and chemical resistances. Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments and questions on this matter.

Screen Preloaded With Filter Pack

As a rig operator, have you experienced trouble in pulling casing from borehole? This slitted pipe preloaded with filter pack then solves your installation problems in field. Since already preloaded, you don't need to fill sand between casing and screen pipe. Simply convenient product and save your installation time!

In a recent restoration process, chemical agents are repeatedly injected and suck in a compulsive way. As a result, conventional filter pack becomes easily disoriented inside an injection well. This way preloaded filter pack remains fixed!

Available size: 25,40,50 and 60 mm.

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