Why surface color of Idoya's PVC pipe is slightly different from others?

In a typical manufacturing process of PVC pipe, Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) requires to add artificial color blending with PVC materials to prevent the products from its degradation and change in color. Typical color of JIS's pipe is a gray or Copenhagen blue.

Idoya's PVC pipe does not contain any artificial color. Surface color of the product is slightly altered due to our extrusion molding method, but our products successfully pass JIS's intensity examination.

Lead (Pb) Free ?

In general, conventional PVC pipe contains lead as an additive interaction to stablize the extrusion molding process. JIS does not require any leaching test for other regular pipes, but only for drinking water pipe.

There is a great concern that elution of lead from PVC pipes installed under ground surface may actually contribute to cross-contamination to the environment.

Idoya is concerned about the issue and manufactures lead free pipe for our valued customers.

How to attach PVC pipes

PVC Pipe has male and female threads on each end. It is easy to put together by hand and O-ring attached (sealing material) to each male side.

There are many advantages using threaded pipe such as no grue socket necessary, no irregularity inside, easy to adjust the length and can be reused over the time.

What is difference between pipe and PVC pipe?

It is the same product. PVC represents Poly Vinyl Chloride. When it comes to PVC-U, it means PVC with unplasticized.

Ingredients of PVC consist of vinyl and petroleum liquid. A variety of vinyl products can be produced by changing composition of plasticizers. For more information, click Vinyl Environmental Council to learn about vinyl products.

PVC(Poly Vinyl Chloride) and PE(Polyethylene) chemical resistance

Please check the following link to find out more about chemical resistance

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